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About Us

We're a South Australian owned and run business, previously trading as Reptile Mania Inc.

All our progeny come from captive-bred stock, most at least third and fourth generation.

We run multiple bloodlines and continually replace our breeders by selecting the 'best of the best' to improve the quality of our stock. We consider it important to breed true to provinence and therefore don’t mix animals from different localities.

We continually select our breeding stock on the following criteria:
Colour, Pattern, Temperament, Ease of feeding

  • No animal is sold until it has a good feeding history.

  • Each animal despatched is accompanied by a certificate detailing the parents, feeding regime, and other important information (e.g. last shed, last feed, last defecation etc).

Reptile Mania

Since 2005, we've been trading as Reptile Mania Inc. and, at the same time, we've been working very closely with Simon and Di (the previous owners of Southern Cross Reptiles).

We're thrilled to announce that as of 2013, we're the new owners of Southern Cross Reptiles.